Pocketmath’s initial goal was to create an infrastructure that would programmatically bid for ads, increasingly faster and more intelligently. Today, this focus has paid off: we process more than a petabyte—1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes— of data every month, making real-time a reality. And along the way, we have continued to expand our integrations and industry partnerships, enabling businesses to access 50 billion impressions across 190+ countries daily.

What we really do

We believe speed and scale in advertising are not exclusive to the Big Guys. With our technology, any business can see fast results more effectively and accurately. Fast, effective, and accurate results means your advertising dollars go further.

What we promise

We are committed to a solution that empowers businesses to control their campaigns using real-time feedback. With effective use of our technology, businesses can experience the power of real time, allowing them to create smarter campaigns.

Driving ahead

We believe that businesses should have the power to better connect with their customers. We are a diverse and thoughtful group of people dedicated to bringing the best technology solutions to make this happen.

Eric Tucker

Eric Tucker

Co-founder, Executive Chair, and Head of Innovation

Nuno Jonet

Head of Product

Joanne Joynson-Hewlett

Chief Financial Officer

Rob Blake

Neil Robinson

Head of Commercial

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