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The Pocketmath Audience Network applies programmatic technology to scale massive amounts of audience data. We deliver performance in largely untapped mobile marketplaces through our technology and partners. With the world's fastest bid system and largest audience network, we bring the customers so that you can bring the business.

Use Pocketmath's unmatched data, reach and partners to fuel successful campaigns

Audience Data b

Audience Data

We aggregate first-party audience data from popular platforms that reach hundreds of millions of unique users, to add on to  your own audience knowledge. 

Realtime Campaigns

Real-time Campaigns

Campaigns can be analyzed and optimized within seconds, helping you maximize your ad budgets and see results. 


Collected Data

Layered Campaigns

Manage media buying at campaign, ad set and multiple creative levels, with professional tools for targeting and frequency capping.

Direct Engagement c

Direct Engagement

Connect to millions of devices across our global supply, retarget audiences based on our partner's first party data or the result of your own campaigns.


Audience Technology

Reach your KPI's, whether it is for brand awareness or performance, by connecting with highly relevant consumers.

  • Competitive App Targeting
  • Lookalike Modeling
  • Granular Data Deep Dive

Reporting & Analytics

Realtime detailed reporting for nimble customization and control of campaigns.

  • Optimization
  • Reporting
  • Analytics


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