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The Rise of First-Party Data: Why Quality Matters Over Quantity

Street Fight Mag

The age-old mantra of “quality over quantity” has never been more relevant in online advertising, and marketers must quickly and fully embrace first-party data or risk their digital campaigns (and bottom lines) falling flat.

Is app apathy hurting your marketing?


Are you reaching your audience directly through mobile apps? If not, there is a whole new digital market that remains, literally, untapped.


As Advertisers Flock to Mobile Gaming, Developers are Finding New Ways to Compete

Entrepreneur Asia Pacific

The mobile phone has not only been a revolution for advertising, but it has also been a revolution for gaming... The challenge for mobile game developers is that there is too much competition on mobile app stores.


Mobile ad tech firm Pocketmath appoints Joanne Joynson-Hewlett as CEO


Mobile ad tech company Pocketmath has appointed Joanne Joynson-Hewlett as its new CEO. Joynson-Hewlett has been promoted to the role after acting as the firm’s chief financial officer since 2014.


Pocketmath introduces white-label audience network

Campaign Asia

The Singapore-based company says platform allows brands to monetise, target, and re-target mobile app users, sell in-app inventory to external advertisers, and develop promotional partnerships.


Pocketmath Unlocks the Next Era of Mobile User Monetization with White Label Audience Network Solution

MarTech Series

Pocketmath, global ad and audience monetization programmatic technology leader, announced today that its proprietary audience network platform is now available for white labeling for mobile app developers, publishers...


Combating Ad Fraud with Cutting-Edge Tech


There are plenty of ad traps out there, but savvy marketers and publishers alike can implement a number of digital checkpoints to not only keep ad fraud at bay, but also optimize what is working and maximize profits for both parties.

Amazon Prime Day Is Coming, Are You Ready With Your Marketing Plan?

MarTech Advisor

If you are a seller or a vendor on Amazon, here are a few last-minute tips to maximize your chances of success during the two-day sale.


CFOs should leverage adtech to support bottomline growth

The Business Times

Chief financial officers (CFOs) at some of Singapore and South-east Asia's biggest companies and high-growth startups are too often unaware of adtech as a possible revenue stream - yet...


Super apps are the next frontier for adtech in South East Asia

MarTech Series

In the world of advertising, the dollars inevitably flow to where the highest concentration of eyeballs can be found. Increasingly today, that’s in a new (predominantly mobile) breed of super apps.


Pocketmath Announces New Feature to Pocketmath PRO, Control over Mobile Programmatic Campaigns

MarTech Advisor

Pocketmath announced a new feature to Pocketmath PRO, its enhanced mobile demand-side platform (DSP) designed to give users control over their mobile programmatic campaigns.


How this startup took a new approach to innovation, after losing nearly $20,000 in 40 minutes


Eric Tucker, founder of advertising startup Pocketmath, was able to take a big lesson away from one very costly technology mistake.


Pocketmath Named 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Award Winner

MarTech Series

Pocketmath is the winner of MarTech Breakthrough’s “Best Overall Mobile Marketing Solution” award. MarTech Breakthrough recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global marketing technology industry.


Will ads help Southeast Asia’s “super apps” become profitable?


Pocketmath Chief Product Officer Nuno Jonet spoke on the economic potential, and pressures, of Southeast Asia's "super apps", such as Go-Jek and Grab.


SalesTech Interview With Joanne Joynson-Hewlett, CEO At Pocketmath

SalesTech Star

Pocketmath CEO Joanne Joynson-Hewlett discussed the latest Pocketmath updates, her journey in marketing and adtech, the role of Super Apps in today's digital marketing landscape, and more in an in-depth interview.


Adtech Could Unlock Multimillion-Dollar Revenue Streams for Indonesia’s Super Apps

Jakarta Globe

Indonesia is home to some of the region’s largest super apps, including ride-hailing app Go-Jek and e-commerce platform Tokopedia... Identifying new revenue streams will be an important part of their future growth.


An end of Google-Facebook advertising duopoly could be a boon for adtech


Pocketmath CEO Joanne Joynson-Hewlett penned an op-ed about the potential end of Google and Facebook's duopoly in the burgeoning ad tech industry.