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Integrate real-time components into ad campaigns

Every millisecond matters in mobile and if brands do not implement real-time components into their campaigns, they are lowering their chances for success. Andrew Alcock, chief product officer and & Yann Aïtbachir, head...

How audiences grew up: from passive sponges to empowered buyers

Rob Blake, GM EMEA at PocketMath, looks at the evolution of the relationship between advertisers and their audiences and asks whether the invention of ad blocking could be the most critical obstacle to date.

Keeping pace in a multiscreen world

While no one would argue that New York is still the center of the advertising world and that the advertising industry is white-hot right now, the "Mad Men" days are long gone. Casey Grooms is a co-founder of Pocketmath.

Honey I shrunk the budget: big brand advertising for the little guy

Full access to the most advanced ad tech on the market is an amazing prospect for a small business owner. Andrew Alcock, chief product officer and CTO at PocketMath.

How a strong team culture can promote growth

Co-founders at PocketMath, JD Lee, Eric Tucker and Casey Grooms on how firms can propagate their brand through employee advocacy and how this very culture at PocketMath has been a key factor in their growth.

Is it Groundhog Day for your campaign, again?

Rob Blake, GM EMEA at PocketMath, explains how trying something different can give your campaign the lifeblood – and results it needs.

Democratisation of advertising

How technology is bringing big brand advertising to SMEs. Advertising has come a long way since the days of Madison Avenue three-martini lunches.

Ad mobile, profits walkabout

Recent research by PocketMath has revealed that just 4% of mobile programmatic is using the most effective advert size. Chief Product Officer, Andrew Alcock, explains what businesses can be doing to get the most from...

Mobile advertising is just getting started

Mobile now accounts for more than 50% of all digital adspend and is growing fast. With mobile dominating advertising strategies, Rob Blake - GM EMEA at PocketMath - analyses the factors that will make 2016 the year of...

Mobile: the last 'game changer'

Mobile revolutionises everything it comes into contact with, from the way we pay for goods to the way we monitor our homes. Pocketmath's GM EMEA Rob Blake looks at the impact of mobile on the advertising industry and...

Christmas ads will no longer be dominated just by TV

The Christmas advertising campaigns of several major brands have now become as much of a festive institution as mince pies and turkey. But, as Pocketmath's GM EMEA Rob Blake argues, the mobile format is now opening up...

Could appointing a head of culture boost your brand

Rob Blake, GM EMEA comments on the moves by Diageo to appoint a 'head of culture' and Bacardi to recruit a new 'VP of fashion', making it clear that brands are becoming ever more conscious of their own purpose and...

Unravelling what the DSP really means is important to getting to the bottom of what we really are

With the recent establishment of a UK presence, Pocketmath’s CRO Francisco McNamara and GM EMEA Rob Blake address the foundations of the company, the benefits of taking a mobile-only approach and why the Pocketmath...

Pocketmath's powerful, self-serve mobile advertising platform makes advertising easy for SMBs

With smartphone and tablet usage accounting for 60 percent of digital media time spent and mobile ad spend projected to top $100 billion worldwide in 2016, SMBs cannot afford to ignore the mobile audience.

Mobile-focused ad platform PocketMath raises $10 million from Rakuten Ventures

PocketMath, a Singapore-US startup specializing in mobile advertising, has landed a $10 million Series A funding round from Rakuten Ventures, the VC arm of Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten.