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Total Transparency

Total transparency

Know exactly what ad impressions you are buying—with no hidden fees. Get real-time and in-depth details on price, time, publisher, device, and much more.

Support for Leading Mobile Ad Formats

Support leading ad formats

The look and feel of ads are critical when attracting new customers. Our mobile DSP supports all mobile ad formats, from interstitial and rich media ads to native video ads.

Detailed Analytics

Get detailed analytics

Our high-quality analytics measure the performance of a campaign as it runs, so you can make adjustments in real-time for the best possible return on investment.

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Brand safety is paramount. Remain in control by choosing the publishers you want to buy from.



Choose precisely when, where and how you want to reach your audiences when they're the most engaged.

Flexible API

Flexible API

Get your campaign up and running in minutes using our simple and flexible API. Automate and optimize ad campaigns faster and more effectively than ever before.

Enhanced retargeting

Enhanced Retargeting

Our platform identifies customers who have interacted with your ad, product, or website, so that you can drive engagement, active use, and loyalty.

Access third party data management platforms

Access to Third Party Data Management Platforms

Reach more customers—anywhere, anytime. We’ve partnered with DMPs, such as Lotame, so you can buy hundreds of audience segments.

Easy navigation

Easy Navigation

We take the guesswork out of mobile advertising. An intuitive display makes buying ad space, running a campaign, and measuring performance simple.

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Leverage Mobile Advertising Throughout the Funnel

Each company has different customers and defines performance differently. Our platform allows you to optimize quickly to achieve your unique goals throughout the purchase funnel.


Building brand awareness of this scale and magnitude has never been more possible. We’ve partnered with more than 23 ad exchanges to connect you to 50 billion advertising impressions in over 190 countries, providing you with access to global audiences across apps, games, and mobile websites.


Personalize your customers' experience by leveraging mobile’s powerful targeting capabilities—by location, device, wireless carrier, operating systems, audiences, and more.


Boost your campaign’s performance with real-time improvements to your offers and ads, audiences, locations, publishers, and time of day.

Retention/Active Use

Re-engage with customers who interacted with your ad, product or website to drive engagement, active use and loyalty.

Our Promise to You!

We are committed to a solution that empowers businesses to control their ad campaigns using real-time feedback. With effective use of our technology, businesses can experience the power of real time, allowing them to create smarter mobile ad campaigns.

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