Ease of Use


Enjoy full-control. Our easy-to-use platform lets you take charge of your ad campaign with maximum usability that includes the smooth integration of Reporting API.

Reporting and Insights


Make decisions faster. Leveraging on our mobile-focused machine learning technology, take advantage of real-time reports and insights that will help you optimize consumer journeys

Better Performance


Experience performance better than yesterday. Acquire conversions with KPI event funnel metrics while getting total transparency - from in-depth data and fees.

Unleash your campaign’s full potential.

Easy to use. KPI-driven. Efficient.

Maximize your time with Pocketmath PRO’s maximum usability. 
With updates aimed at better performance media buying, you can now effortlessly manage dozens,
even hundreds of campaigns and creatives without taking too much of your resources.

Get Started

“Pocketmath has been excellent for our self-serve mobile advertising needs. They have a clean & intuitive dashboard, which combined with their powerful reporting API, has been able to completely satisfy all our campaign's creation and fulfillment goals. Our campaign's CTR using Pocketmath is excellent and post-campaign reporting provides the detailed insight we need.”


Multiple Creatives Selection

Select multiple creatives per Ad Set.


Multiple Advertiser Support

Manage multiple advertisers with default event and custom tracking URL endpoints.


Easy-to-use Interface

Use our simple and flexible API to automate and optimize your ad campaigns in minutes.


Budget Pacing

Avoid runaway spends and spend your budget more efficiently for utmost impact.


High Definition Reports

Easier reporting with pre-configured HD XLS reports and CSV reports for data-crunching.



High-quality analytics help you make adjustments in “real-time” by publisher, 
time, creative, and location.


Pricing Optimization

Set optimized CPM pricing by default, capped by max CPM.


Advanced Audience Targeting

Build our customer profiles of the people you want to target and reach them through the most effective audience targeting methods of your choice, e.g. Competitor targeting


Automated Rules

Automatically manage your campaigns, orders or tags to trigger different actions.